When I started working with Aimee I had recurrent anxiety. I found that I would have breakthroughs and then it would come back and it felt like I wasn’t in control and that I wasn’t going to be happy in relationships. Wasn’t a great place in terms on romance and hope.

The tools Aimee gave me helped me to get out of my head. And learning that it wasn’t a life sentence get me hope. Now the anxiety has gone from my day to day I’m able to really live a life that I didn’t imagine was possible. I have miles more contentment and my relationship is just a very open thing. The anxiety was how I felt about myself and safety. Now that’s out of the way I’m able to show up as me and have energy to do this rather than thinking “But if I speak up she will leave.” Now I’m “I’m going to say this because it’s how I feel and I’m showing up for me it feels really secure.