Happy in Love

Overcome relationship anxiety and insecurity and find the love you want..

A note from Aimee xx

Have you…

 Have you…

Been left feeling very hurt from past relationships.

Realised that what you’re doing doesn’t work for your relationships anymore.

Felt worried, on edge and anxious in your relationships.

Doubted yourself and worried whether the anxiety will ever go away?


I know I have..

I’ve been left feeling very hurt from past relationships and I knew I wanted something better, I wholeheartedly understand the all consuming pain it can cause.  I know you start to realise that whatever you’ve been doing up to now when it comes to love and relationships, isn’t working for you anymore. You’ve been left feeling insecure and unloved.

I understand that you feel worried, on edge and anxious in relationships and you feel this insecurity is getting in the way of you experiencing being truly loved for who you are.

I know that you’ve started to doubt yourself, wondering if maybe there is something wrong with you and if a lasting loving relationship will ever happen for you. It feels like the insecurity will never go away!

You really don’t want to end up alone but you’re afraid that will happen if you don’t figure this out.. everyone else seems to have their s*** together in their relationships, why not you??!!

Acknowledging all of these feelings, it’s the first step and I want to congratulate you on that…

So, are you ready to get rid of the doubt, anxiety and worry to experience a truly loving and lasting relationship that is right for you, where you can just relax and be you and be loved for that!

I want you to remember…
You’re here to love and be loved. You’re meant to have a beautiful relationship that helps bring out the best of you. And you’ll, once you put yourself first, heal the past, remove what is in the way and improve your relationship with you.

It’s your time to experience the abundance of love that is here for you!!!

And this is exactly what this program will help you do.

Your journey to truly happy love…

With the programme you will;
Start to feel good, even wonderful about who you are so you can attract someone who also values and loves who you are.

Save yourself from the future pain of repeating the same relationship mistakes and attracting the wrong person.

Overcome the anxiety and insecurity so you can feel calm and happy and show up as you without fear.

Improve the relationship with yourself and your mindset, so your relationships with others, your relationship with your body, your relationship with food and self-care all improve. Creating a happier, healthier life, full of love in all areas.

Discover greater self-awareness giving you the courage to set healthy boundaries and be respected and valued in a relationship.

Save yourself time trying to make the wrong relationships work and learn to manifest the love you want.

Why Aimee?

There was a time when I really feared that I would never have the kind of relationship I really wanted and that this area of my life would always be painful!


 In my past, I had many short to medium term relationships and most, I now realise, were very unhealthy. I was really starting to think something was wrong with me because my relationships weren’t lasting, I was anxious a lot of the time and was fed up of the pain. I just wanted to be loved and feel happy in a relationship and connected to my partner.

Over the past 5 years I have created a wonderful relationship, that I always wanted and eliminated the anxiety and overcome the insecurity that was holding me back.

This program is the product of the last 7 years of my training as a mindset coach, my experiences coaching, spiritual and personal development costing me over £18,000, that helping me completely transform my experience of love and relationships. It is all condensed into a 4 month program, full of everything that works to overcome relationship anxiety, heal insecurities, and create a fulfilling relationship. That worked for me and the people I’ve worked with.

I want this for you.  I want  you to feel the happy love you deserve and help rid you of that overwhelming anxiety.

What’s included?

Over the 4 months we will have
A weekly 1.5 hour masterclass with action or focus for the week
A monthly (every 4th week) a 3 hour deep dive workshop
2 or 4 1:1s to be used at any time thought out the program.
All delivered on zoom.
Members area with recordings if you cant make any live sessions or if you wish to look back and revisit anything.

Step 1: Overcoming anxiety and insecurity (month 1)

• Anxiety recovery
• Healing past trauma and baggage
• Connecting back to yourself

Step 2: Learning to love and care for yourself, personal and spiritual development (month 2 & 3)


• Improving the relationship with you
• Improving self-worth, value and self esteem
• Introduction into your human design and deconditioning
• Improving body image
• Changing unhelpful habits and behaviours



Step 3: Manifest love (month 4)

• Tools and techniques to draw more love into your life and find the right partner (improving the love and connection in the relationship you are choosing to be in or attracting the right partner if you are single)
• Putting in healthy boundaries for yourself
• Healthy communication in relationships

As we work through the programme and you have your 1:1 sessions we can really personalise this for you. It’s a small group programme so that we can dive into needs, worries, questions, in depth, throughout the sessions and steps.


1- How long will I have access to the programme?

Access to the member’s area with all the recordings for life.

3- What if I’m in a relationship?

The program is ideal for those who are single and those in a relationship. If you are in a relationship it will help you improve the love, connection and growth of that relationship for as long as you choose to be in it.

5- I just want private sessions, is this possible?

The program is designed for small group work mostly, in my experience this creates very powerful and fast transformations. If you want private only, I suggest a 121 coaching package instead.

2- What if I miss a live session?

The live Friday sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the members area so you can catch-up. There is also a weekly live Q&A you can use for any activities you may have missed.

4- What if I’ve had relationship trauma? Is this a safe space?

Absolutely, this program is designed to help you heal and recover from past trauma, you have 121 sessions to explore anything you may not want to explore in a group. The group will be small and only the right people will be allowed to join the program, it likely that most participants will have some sort of trauma to heal so you won’t be on your own.

6- Can I pay on a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay monthly over 4 months.

You’re so sweet! You genuienly made me ralise what I’ve been holding back and what I know I’ve been holding back but didn’t want to admit to myself.  The face I had others around made the experience even more profound which added to my mindset’s switch.
I’m genuinely a different man now but in such a better way for everyone.

Dearest Aimee, thank you so much for today.  Being there as a coach, mentor and holding space whilst I explore some painful memories that reveal parts of me that need attention. 

I really appreciate your time, your skill and you for creating a safe space.

N x

Aimee has helped me transform the way I think about myself, my relationship and my body.  I’m much happier in myself and feel in control of my life and my future.



Feel free to book a free consultation call for more information and to check this is the right programme to help you find your happy.