Success stories

Coaching with Aimee is amazing. After only 3 sessions I had healed the relationship with my mother in law which was causing me so much upset and I was able to handle pressures at work. Before this would have stressed me out and taken a lot of my time and I would be left feeling drained and resentful. I am now achieving more and spending more time with my family and enjoying my work for the first time in years!

Minal (Doctor)

Before I started working with Aimee I was not in the best place mentally. I had years of built-up tension that I had kept to myself, tucked away in the back of my mind, not really dealing with my problems, just avoiding them. When talking to anyone about your own issues or mental health it can be quite a daunting process. I think you need to feel you can trust the person you talk to. I don’t usually express my feeling to people but I actually felt comfortable with Aimee getting issues of my chest, which felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders without even realising. My time working with Aimee have been incredible she has helped me know myself more and has a great way of helping you look at problems in a different way and helping you find you own best options or solutions. I no longer get anxiety and I’m feeling great about my achievements and doing what makes me feel good.

Andy (Rugby player)

I have attended a couple of Aimee’s events and programs. She is fantastic, connected and makes it easy for you to have the space and focus to think beyond what you would usually. I highly recommend connecting with Aimee and booking a discovery call. She makes you feel comfortable but also has a way to tell you how it is! Open, honest and clear! Highly recommended.

Ellen (Virtual Assistant)

With Aimee I always feel safe to share my experiences and she has an uncanny ability to help me not only to open up to be able to see my world through a different lens, often helping me to come to my own conclusions. Where situations make me feel anxious or afraid, Aimee always has the ability to make me feel calm and at ease. Can’t thank her enough for the situations she’s helped and held my hand through.

Olivia (Coach)