Reasons you engage in emotional eating & drinking:

1-Part of you feels out of control (stressed, overwhelmed) – eating feels like getting back in control to a part of us
2-Numb uncomfortable emotions – to make us feel better
3-Lack of focus or routine
4- Tired
5- To celebrate

None of these reasons are bad or wrong. It’s necessary. The problem comes when we judge and shame the behaviour.

Notice how you treat yourself for the habit. Part of you is engaging in the habit for a reason, if you can bring more compassion for yourself and that reason, it will open you up to be able to change the habit. Rather than continue with the internal battle when nothing changes.

Emotional Eating and Binge eating reduces when…

  • We reduce the shame (be compassionate for the reason we may do it).
  • Create a new meaning for food – health, energy & wellbeing, instead of good and bad.
  • Have helpful alternative ways of dealing with stress and overwhelm.
  • Heal parts of us that doesn’t feel good enough as we are.

How does part of you judge another part of you, when you look in the mirror??

What you are seeing is not what is actually there, you are seeing your judgements.

The more you can change your experience to focus on what you like, what’s ok and learn to being compassionate and more accepting. The better your experience will be and the easier it will be to change the habits of judging yourself as well as eating habits.

Try this:
Look in the mirror, look at your body or a part you don’t like and apologize for being so critical at times and say either:
“I love you”

“part of me loves you”


“I want to love you and I’m working on it”

Pick whichever feels best, then repeat looking into your eyes.

This may bring up some emotion. If it does – that’s good.  It means you have connected to a part of you that feels dismissed and not good enough and you’re on your way to healing it.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about working with me to change eating habits and feel good about themselves and their body:

“The best thing that has changed is how I look at myself. I am much less critical and kinder to myself. I have started running again and I’m enjoying it. I feel good and motivated and I have lost half a stone in 4 weeks.”

– Amy



”I am not beating myself up as much, I have more awareness and I’m finding it much easier not to overindulge.” 


Are you ready for change now?  Would you love to help yourself further?

If you could:

  • Improve eating habits
  • Get back in control
  • Feel great about yourself

All in the next 30days…Would you say yes?

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Love Aimee x